Web design Basic

Web design-Basic-mfg-sourceartBased on our web design basic templates we design your website quickly and economically.We offer a wide variety of templates for you to choose from.

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IT Roll out

Rollout-Projects-mfg-sourceartIn cooperation with you we define your company's IT requirements and manage the complete rollout.

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3D Animation

3D-Animation-mfg-sourceart3D animation can be used in product visualisation, architectural visualisation, medical visualisation, analysis of processes & workflows, and, of course, in film production.

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Game Design

Game-Design-mfg-sourceartGame design develops the framework for games on a theoretical and design level, such as target audience, theme, story, rule set, characters, game environment and mood of the game.

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Rich Internet Applications

RIA-Sytems-mfg-sourceartRich internet applications offer an attractive user experience, as well as added functionality, and interactivity.

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Software Prototyping

Software-Prototyping-mfg-sourceartSoftware prototyping demonstrates the features and functions of software, saves time and money, and makes usability tests, training and early presentations possible.

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Custom Software

Software-Engineering-mfg-sourceartWe develop custom software solutions for your company to suit your requirements and which reflect and optimise your processes, methods, and workflow.

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MDM Systems

MDM-Systems-mfg-sourceartMaster data management systems store core data in a consistent manner and make it accessible for use in various other systems and for various business applications and contexts.

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