Custom Software

Software-Engineering-mfg-sourceartWe develop custom software solutions for your company to suit your requirements and which reflect and optimise your processes, methods, and workflow.

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Corporate Video

Promotional-Video-mfg-sourceartCorporate videos draw the right kind of attention to your company and services. Abstract processes are made tangible and your products and services are put in the spotlight.

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Web Based Training

Web-based-training-mfg-sourceartWeb based training is an efficient means of imparting knowledge and skills efficiently. Educational programs can be adapted in a quick and flexible manner to meet new requirements.

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IT Security Check

IT-Security-Check-mfg-sourceartWithin the context of the IT security check individual security requirements will be defined and an adequate security concept proposed.

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Game Design

Game-Design-mfg-sourceartGame design develops the framework for games on a theoretical and design level, such as target audience, theme, story, rule set, characters, game environment and mood of the game.

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Rich Internet Applications

RIA-Sytems-mfg-sourceartRich internet applications offer an attractive user experience, as well as added functionality, and interactivity.

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Software Prototyping

Software-Prototyping-mfg-sourceartSoftware prototyping demonstrates the features and functions of software, saves time and money, and makes usability tests, training and early presentations possible.

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User Interface Design

User-Interface-Design-mfg-sourceartUsability and design increase the attractiveness of your products. We make intuitive and creative communication between man and machine possible.

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